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friendly doctor
and staff."

A 5-star review
by Chistian J

I’m giving 5 stars to all on this clinic from cleanliness, customer service location and of course the Doctor . He did not give me cortisone shot right away when I was asking for my heels , but he explained it to me first what to do before getting the cortisone shot , he recommended stretching is more important to correct the pain and he was right . Thank you so much Doctor Shadad Saeedi . You are the best!

Square ReviewPatient

Could not ask for anything to be better then it was.

Square ReviewPatient

Dr. Saeedi is the best. He put my mom at complete ease and took care of her hurt toe nail extremely efficiently. Thank you for your timely care, Dr.

Square ReviewPatient

Probably the best Podiatrist in town!
My wife has been putting off fixing a bunion for years, because of cost and lack of good doctors in Las Vegas area. Thankfully that's changing because of new clinics like Laser Foot Surgery in Henderson. Dr. Masood was honest, made me feel comfortable, and did a great job on her foot. Their prices good too (not the cheapest), but she definitely got her moneys worth and is happy, which mean's I'm happy too. Thank you!

Salman TPatient

I was looking for podiatrist close to where I live and found this clinic, the front desk lady, Stephanie was very friendly and helpful. She did an x-ray to my right foot right away ,When I saw the doctor, Shahdad Saeedi, I told him about getting cortisone shot because my heel was hurting so bad that I can't even walk straight anymore. But instead of giving me shot, He showed the pictures of feet and he and explained me the reason why Im having this plantar fasciitis ,he showed me couple stretching on my legs, I was told to try this first before getting cortisone, but if I really want the cortisone shot he can give it to me but its not really good to get that because it will come back. I did the stretching first and ointment to rub my heel and the frozen bottle to roll my foot, after a week it was getting better, and after 3 weeks It was gone. Im so glad I followed his advice first. He's awesome! He sat down took his time to talk to me. Very nice Doctor! I highly recommended him.

Yelp ReviewPatient

After calling so many offices, I stumbled across Dr. Shahdad K. Saeedi and I'm beyond grateful that I did! I was in such pain with an ingrown toenail and couldn't take another day of it. The lady that scheduled my appointment was super friendly and got me in to be seen right away. After watching gruesome videos on TikTok I was mortified for my appointment but my experience was the total opposite. Dr. Saeedi was super gentle and made sure I didn't feel a thing. I've only had 1 doctor who made me feel like they actually really care for my well-being and here's another. I usually don't ever leave reviews unless service is exceptional and here it is! Thank you Dr & staff hands down recommended, I shall spread the word.

Yelp ReviewPatient

Premier Foot & Ankle Center provides a full range of clinical podiatry care, including the treatment of foot and ankle conditions such as ingrown toenails, nail fungus, bunions, hammertoes, sprains, strains and heel pain as well as comprehensive diabetic foot care, wound care and all types of foot and ankle surgeries.

These Centers are fast becoming “Standard of Care” for patients who want to experience the most modern technologies to treat their foot and ankle problems in an upscale, service-oriented, caring, and compassionate setting. We’ve proven that by marketing to upscale demographics (including medical tourists) and those with increasingly popular high deductible healthcare plans and health savings accounts, and by offering them “Concierge Service”, we will capture great financial rewards while improving the quality of our patient’s lives.

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