Calcaneal Fractures


This is a very serious injury to the heel bone. This bone is crucial in normal walking and gait. If left untreated it can lead to long term pain and arthritis. Early treatment is extremely important in these types of injuries.


-Fall from height- Most common cause

-Automobile accidents

-sports injuries (overuse leading to stress fractures)

-Crush Injuries

-Can be associated with other injures such as the ankle/leg/thigh


-Inability to walk on the heel

-Pain at the calcaneus



-Open breaks in the skin


X-rays/CT/MRI scans may be performed to visualize the fractures and determine the mechanism of injury. This allows the surgeon to come up with a treatment plan

Conservative Treatment- This is usually reserved for non-displaced, extra-articular fractures. Conservative care includes Rest, Ice, Compression, elevation, Below the knee cast, and non-weight bearing to allow for bone healing. The cast and compression may also be done to allow for swelling to go down in preparation for surgical intervention. 

Surgical Treatment- This is for displaced, unstable, intra-articular fractures. Surgical repair is done with a combination of plates screws and hardware that the surgeon sees fit. Multiple techniques exist for surgical repair.

Post-op Protocole- Non-weight bearing for 6 week in cast/boot. Transition to regular shoe gear after 6 weeks.