Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy and Gastrocnemius Recession

The patient has extreme gastrocnemius equinus secondary to the previous injury. This is leading to gait instability and leading to plantar fasciitis.
The patient underwent an endoscopic plantar fasciotomy and Endoscopic gastrocnemius recession. The patient has an excellent range of motion at the ankle joint.
 The patient has a midfoot dorsal spur. Through a minimal incision technique, we were able to shave down the spur.
After the plantar fascia release is performed the spur is then broken down using a minimal incision technique with the use of a burr. This shows the shaving down and removal of the painful spur.
Incisional wound vac helped with post-operative swelling. Post-op swelling can cause many problems such as pain, delayed healing, and longer recovery.
4 weeks s/p surgery. Minimal scarring is noted along with an excellent range of motion at the ankle joint. The patient has transitioned to regular shoe gear. The patient will start PT to regain strength in the calf muscle.