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The Power of Bunionectomy – A Personal Success Story

Bunionectomy fb

It was a warm summer day when the patient arrived at Premier Foot and Ankle. She had been dealing with bunions for some time, but today she was going to do something about it. As soon as she walked in the door, Stephanie greeted her with a bright smile and asked how she could help. After signing in, the patient made her way back to Dr. Saeedi’s office where he explained all of her options for treatment.

The patient decided that a bunionectomy would be best for her situation and after hearing Dr. Saeedi explain the procedure in detail she felt comfortable moving forward with it. Before long, she found herself wheeled into surgery where Dr. Saeedi personally operated on her feet! When it was over, he explained that everything went according to plan and gave instructions on what post-operative care should look like for the next few weeks while recovering from the procedure.

A few weeks later, the patient returned to check in with Dr. Saeedi who informed them that they were healing beautifully! She couldn’t believe how much better she felt afterward—the pain was gone and walking around without discomfort felt amazing! The team at Premier Foot and Ankle even provided follow-up care throughout each step of recovery so no question or concern went unanswered during this process – leaving our patients feeling confident about their decision every single time!