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The Transformative Power of CLARIX® FLO: Using Umbilical Cord for Regenerative Healing

As advancements in medical science continue, the power of regenerative healing has emerged as a promising alternative to traditional pain management methods. One key player in this field is CLARIX® FLO, a regenerative therapy that utilizes umbilical cord tissue to promote healing and provide long-lasting relief. In this blog post, we'll learn about the transformative power of CLARIX® FLO, how it works, and why it's becoming an increasingly popular choice for those seeking a regenerative approach to pain relief.

Regenerative Healing blog

Current methods for pain relief, such as opioids and strict physical therapy, can be effective in the short term, but they may not address the underlying issues that cause chronic pain. Additionally, opioids in particular pose a serious risk for addiction and other negative side effects. For these reasons, it’s important to look towards alternative therapies that focus on healing and regeneration.

The need for safe and effective regenerative therapies has given rise to treatments like CLARIX® FLO that utilize the healing properties of placental tissue. Keep reading to discover how CLARIX® FLO is changing the game in pain management and redefining the possibilities of regenerative healing.

Understanding CLARIX® FLO:

CLARIX® FLO is a regenerative therapy that utilizes umbilical cord tissue to promote healing without surgery or invasive procedures. The umbilical cord tissue contains mesenchymal and hematopoietic stem cells, as well as growth factors and cytokines that work together to repair damaged tissue and reduce inflammation. The use of umbilical cord tissue has been shown to be well-tolerated and effective in a number of different areas, making it a versatile solution for regenerative healing.

But how exactly does CLARIX® FLO work? The injection process involves injecting umbilical cord tissue into the area of the body that requires healing. The tissue then releases growth factors that stimulate healing and regeneration. As the tissue integrates itself within the body, it promotes natural healing and reduces inflammation for long-term pain relief.

Benefits over other therapies:

One of the greatest advantages of CLARIX® FLO is that it doesn’t require surgery or anesthesia, making it a far less invasive and risky option compared to surgeries and other procedures. Additionally, since the therapy uses umbilical cord tissue, there is no risk of transplant rejection, which can happen with other forms of tissue transplantation. With minimal side effects and long-lasting results, CLARIX® FLO is a promising alternative that addresses the root cause of the pain.

CLARIX® FLO in Practice:

The injection process for CLARIX® FLO is relatively simple. First, the injection site is numbed with a local anesthetic to reduce discomfort. Then, the umbilical cord tissue is injected directly into the target area. Patients may experience mild discomfort and soreness in the treated area, but this typically subsides within a few days. Most patients can begin to feel the effects of the therapy within a week, and full healing can be achieved within several weeks.

Success Stories with CLARIX® FLO:

The positive outcomes and successful results with CLARIX® FLO are overwhelming. There are many anecdotal and clinical reports that have shown the effectiveness of the therapy on a wide range of symptoms and conditions such as knee and joint pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and more. Furthermore, numerous patients have shared their positive experiences, such as a significant reduction in pain from 90% to 10% within four weeks of the injection.

Research and clinical studies have also shown favorable outcomes with regards to CLARIX® FLO. One study found that ninety percent of patients saw significant improvement in their pain symptoms following treatment, and there were no safety concerns. Another study examining the use of umbilical tissue for plantar fasciitis found that patients had improved function and reduced pain scores following treatment.

How to Access CLARIX® FLO:

Premier Foot and Ankle providers offer this therapy. Before undergoing any treatment, you should discuss your eligibility with our qualified healthcare team who can evaluate your needs and determine if CLARIX® FLO is the right solution for you. We can also check with your insurance provider to determine if it covers the therapy, as the treatment may not be covered under all insurance plans.

In conclusion, CLARIX® FLO is a powerful regenerative therapy that offers a safe and effective solution for long-term pain relief. With its non-invasive approach and proven success rates, it can provide a viable alternative to traditional pain management methods. If you are struggling with chronic pain in the foot or ankle, it’s worth looking into CLARIX® FLO and other regenerative therapies to see if they can help you achieve the long-lasting pain relief you deserve. Regardless of your experience with pain, it is important to stay informed of all potential treatments, and to speak our podiatrist about new and innovative regenerative solutions.

Plantar Fasciitis can be a persistent and painful condition for many people, but recent advances in regenerative medicine show promise for effective treatment. Placental tissue, including the umbilical cord and amniotic membrane, contains a wealth of regenerative properties that have been shown to help reduce inflammation and promote healing. These unique properties make placental tissue an ideal option for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, as it can provide effective relief without the need for surgery or other invasive procedures. With more and more people looking for natural alternatives to traditional treatments, the use of placental tissue is quickly gaining popularity in the medical field. If you or someone you know is struggling with plantar fasciitis, it may be worth considering the benefits of this advanced regenerative therapy.


How is the tissue donated?

Amniox Medical obtains the placental tissue used in all of its products through a voluntary donation program across the US.

Donor mothers provide full consent prior to delivery of a full-term, live, newborn baby via a scheduled Cesarean section. The amniotic membrane and umbilical cord, typically discarded at birth, are then processed and preserved at Amniox Medical’s state-of-the-art US-based facility as HCT/P tissues.

Is the tissue safe for implantation?

Prior to donation, all mothers are carefully screened to ensure safety, based on requirements established by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).

Additionally, the donated tissue is thoroughly screened for infectious diseases, including HIV, Hepatitis B & C,Syphilis, West Nile, among many others.

Finally, the donated tissue is thoroughly cleaned and processed to maintain the tissue’s regenerative properties. CLARIX FLO is fully sterilized prior to shipping.

To date, after more than 500,000 procedures, there have been no reports of disease transmission or tissue rejection from amniotic tissue products produced by Amniox Medical or its family of companies. While these clinical experiences are valid, it is not possible to predictor warrant specific results, nor is it possible to guarantee patient and/or clinician satisfaction.